A History of the Isle Of Wight Hospitals by E. F. Laidlaw

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Abbreviations used in the Text

  • A&E Accident & Emergency
  • A.H.A. Area Health Authority
  • C.M.O. County Medical Officer
  • C.S.S.D. Central Sterile Supply Department
  • D.H.A. District Health Authority
  • E.C.T. Electro-convulsion Therapy
  • E.N.T. Ear, Nose & Throat
  • E.S.M.I. Elderly Severely Mentally Ill
  • H of I House of Industry
  • H.M.C. Hospital Management Committee
  • L.G.B. Local Government Board
  • MoH Medical Officer of Health
  • M.O.H. Ministry of Health
  • N.H.S. National Health Service
  • O.T. Occupational Therapy
  • P.A.C. Public Assistance Committee
  • P.L.B. Poor Law Board
  • RloWCH Royal Isle of Wight County
  • R.M.N. Registered Mental Nurse
  • R.N.H. Royal National Hospital
  • S.M. Saint Mary's (Hospital)
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