Looking Back: By Elaine Squire

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100 Years Ago: March 28,1908

It was decided at a meeting of the IW Guardians to increase the number of places available at the workhouse, due to a large influx of inmates.

100 Years Ago: May 16, 1908

While rolling the cricket ground at Blackwater, an inmate from the County Asylum got more than he bargained for when he bolted across country. As he tried to cross the Huffingford Mill pond, he got trapped in the mud 50 yards from the bank and began to sink.

Successful efforts to rescue the inmate were delayed when he refused to grab a rope, thrown to him by rescuers, until he had been given an assurance his escapade would not be punished.

75 Years Ago: May 6, 1933

Dr Davies Jones, the medical superintendent at Whitecroft Hospital, gave a talk on medical diseases through the ages. He said the first example of madness could be found in Eve, who was a victim of hallucinations, and Saul, who displayed homicidal tendencies.

50 Years Ago: March 29, 1958

A report on the health of Island schoolchildren revealed 30 per cent of boys and 15 per cent of girls were regular smokers.

50 Years Ago: April 26, 1958

The cost of the Island health service in 1957 was £401,098 — an increase of £14,229 on the previous year. The government asked all doctors to consider ways of saving NHS money.

25 Years Ago: May 13, 1983

Calls for the IW Community Health Council to press for the retention of Shanklin Hospital came at a public meeting.

Mr G. Orchard, a South Wight borough councillor, said residents feared it would close when the new energy-saving hospital opened at St Mary’s, Newport.

Editors note: This was written in 2008.