Frank James Cottage Hospital - East Cowes

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Picture of Frank James Hospital, East Cowes
Frank James Cottage Hospital, East Cowes

The building on Adelaide Grove known, as “Frank James” was formally opened on Thursday 18th June by H.R.H. Princess Henry of Battenberg, the Governor of the Isle of Wight. The weather was fine and there was a large gathering of guests and local people to greet the Princess and the area was decked out with flags. With the shipbuilding and other industries in the district there was a large number of accidents and there had been a need for a hospital in the area for some time. Currently all accidents had to be transported to I.W. County Hospital at Ryde with the associated delays, the new hospital would allow treatment to be given much earlier thereby saving distress to the injured person and possibly saving lives.

The idea for a hospital had been long thought about, but money had been a problem, eventually money was collected and a site in Newport Road acquired. Plans were drawn up, but unfortunately due to lack of funds they came to nothing and site was sold. Due to the generosity of Mr. Arthur James and his brother Mr. William James in giving the land and buildings together with a yearly endowment, a hospital in the town became a reality.

The long term future of the hospital had been assured due to the generosity of J.S.White & Co and their workforce of over 2000 men who have promised a yearly contribution. Other companies and employees in the district have pledged their support. The local medical profession have also offered their services at no cost to the hospital. Miss Lear-Month was appointed the first matron; she had served in the South African War and been awarded two campaign medals. District nursing will be provided from hospital funds.

Picture of Opening of Frank James Hospital, East Cowes
Opening of Frank James Hospital 25th June, 1903

In his address of welcome to Princess Henry, Mr. Godfrey Baring read the following statement (abridged).

“May it please Your Royal Highness, I am speaking on behalf of the committee to offer their hearty and respectful thanks for your presence here today to open the "Frank James" Memorial Home as a Cottage Hospital for Cowes, East Cowes, Whippingham and Northwood. We wish to thank your Royal Highness for your involvement in a scheme to bring relief to the suffering of the poor in these areas. It is less than six months since you called us all together, since then the building has been structurally altered and is now fully equipped to receive eight patients, no doubt this number could be doubled if funds were available. We are also pleased to report that we have received £502 pounds to cover initial expenses and the annual income arising from subscriptions, paid and promised, amounts to £823 pounds.

We wish to acknowledge the gift made by Mr Arthur James and his brother William of this building and its contents together with an annual endowment of £300 pounds. We must also place on record the help given by J.S.White & Co. together with their employees who have given a second endowment of more than £300 pounds per annum and the help given by other firms in the area. We must also place on record our thanks to the medical gentlemen of Cowes and East Cowes who have offered their professional services to the hospital without charge and other donors who have no immediate connection with the area.

I now respectfully request Your Highness to declare the hospital open”

In response the Princess then said "I have much pleasure in declaring this hospital open".

Picture of Seamens Alms Houses East Cowes[Frank James] circa 1895
Seamens Alms Houses East Cowes[Frank James] circa 1895
Picture of Frank James Cottage Hospital circa 1976, East Cowes
Frank James Cottage Hospital circa 1976
Picture of Frank James Hospital, East Cowes interior
Frank James Cottage Hospital, Interior View
Picture of Frank James Hospital,2011
Frank James Cottage Hospital, in 2011