Island Hospitals Inherited by the National Health Service, 1948

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Hospital Location Pre NHS Management Function in 1948 Beds in 1948 Post 1948 History
Royal County Infirmary Ryde Voluntary General 126 For many years was the Island’s main general hospital. Ceased to have inpatients after June 1991. Closed 1992
Frank James Memorial East Cowes Voluntary General 34 Closed in May 1991, then permanently in July 2002.
Shanklin Cottage Shanklin Voluntary General 35 Closed in September 1990
Fairlee Isolation Newport Local Authority: Joint Hospital Board Infectious Diseases 31 Ceased in 19x to take infectious disease cases. Site now occupied by the Hospice and Oaklands House.
Smallpox Hospital Ashey, Ryde Local Authority: County Council Smallpox 4 The last natural case of smallpox occurred in Somalia in October 1977 and the last (laboratory related) case in Birmingham England in September 1978. The Island’s smallpox hospital was closed in 1970’s.
Sanatorium Longford (Havenstreet) Local Authority County Council Tuberculosis (IOW residents) - Ceased to be a TB sanatorium in 1955.
Royal National Hospital Ventnor Voluntary Tuberculosis (Generally mainland residents) - Closed in 1964
County Mental Hospital Whitecroft Local Authority: County Council Mental Illness 394 Closed to inpatients in 1990 – patients transferred to Newcroft, and then later to Sevenacres
St. Mary’s Hospital Newport Local Authority: County Council Maternity and ‘chronic’ surgical/medical patients - Since 1987 The district general hospital for the Island.
South Block (Formerly the Workhouse) Newport Local Authority: County Council 'Chronic' non surgical/medical patients - Last in-patient accommodation closed in June 2005.